Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is "more"? What is "deeper"?

We've been trying to start an Association-wide discussion about what new resources lay UUs might need to deepen their faith, religious experience, or UU identity. Task force member Doug Muder kicked it off with his UU World online column "That Elusive More" and followed up with a post on his Free and Responsible Search blog. A number of UU bloggers have joined the conversation, including:

The Interdependent Web: What helps UUs go deeper?, scaring parents, defining 'sin,' and more

Surviving the Workday: Theological questions at work

iMinister: Going Deeper

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist: spend money, help people

Chalice Spark: going deeper

One More Step:
lay theological education.

UUJeff's muse kennel and pizzatorium: Funds for Unitarian Universalist Lay Theological Education.

Transparent Eye: Going Deeper.

A UU Way of Life: UU Theology - What are the questions that need answering?

If we missed your blog post, mention it in the comments.